Discount Candles: Are They A Bargain?

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Are discount candles really worth the money you save?

Discount Candles: Are They A Bargain?

Nobody likes to pay full price if they don't have to. It may seem like buying that discount candle is a huge savings but if the quality isn't there it might not be worth the little money you save.

Do your discount candles have powerful scents? Some cheaper candles are not made with the same amount of fragrance oils as other candles. Where a discount candle may only have 2 percent fragrance added to their candle wax a quality candle can have upwards of 6 percent. Also, some discount candles may have alcohol added to their fragrance that gives them a strong scent when sitting on the store's shelf but may fade quickly when brought home and burned.

The way in which a candle burns is also an important factor when deciding if you're getting your money's worth. A quality candle should burn evenly and most of it should melt away. Jar candles and votives should almost completely liquefy, leaving no large trace amounts of wax on their containers, and pillar candles should burn close enough to the edge to remain contained but not tunnel a narrow hole down the middle. If half of your wax isn't melting then you are only enjoying half the candle. Be sure the fragrance of your discount candles are strong enough to be enjoyed and the candle burns evenly. If this isn't the case, you're not really saving any money.



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