Finding Candles On Sale

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What are some different ways to find candles on sale?

Finding Candles On Sale

Everyone likes a bargain and finding your favorite candles on sale is always a good thing. Here are a few tips for knowing where to look when searching for a candle bargain.

If you have a favorite candle company you regularly buy from check to see if they have any loyalty programs. More and more companies are realizing that's it's easier to keep their existing customers happy and coming back for more than it is to convert new ones. Therefore, many companies are giving credit for purchases you make and you can redeem those credits and get your candles on sale without having to wait for a sale.

A good loyalty program should be free to join and should credit you for each and every purchase you make. Some candle companies will offer a percentage back from each purchase, while others may offer a points system. Just be sure the points system is worthy of the money you spend. Sometimes a point system will have you spending a lot of money with little reward in return. Also, check for companies that offer bonuses when you spend over a certain amount of money. If this is the case, you may want to make larger orders twice a year instead of multiple small ones to cash in on the bonuses. You may find you're not only getting your next order of candles on sale, but maybe for free.



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