Using Unscented Votive Candles

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My room mate has scent allergies so she can't be around scented candles. I still like the look of candles. Are there any candles out there that won't bother her?

Using Unscented Votive Candles

While most people buy candles for their fragrance there are times when unscented votive candles are more appropriate than those with scent. If you plan to have your votives burning during a meal you will want to use unscented votive candles. Artificial fragrances, while lovely on their own, don't mix well with the smell of your food. When you're eating you want to be able to enjoy the tastes and aromas of your meal. This is why all dinner candles are unscented, so when sitting down to a candle lit dinner keep the candles fragrance free. If there's a chance you might be burning your candles around anyone with allergies you many want to skip the scented variety. Some people are highly sensitive to fragrances and burning scented candles can make them experience asthma-like symptoms. When in doubt stick to using unscented votive candles.



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