Buying Bulk Votive Candles

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Do you have any tips on buying votive candles in bulk?

Buying Bulk Votive Candles

Whether you like to stock up, save money, or just need a lot of candles, buying bulk votive candles can get you lots of wax for less money. If you need the candles for show but not scent, try saving some money by buying unscented bulk votive candles. These usually come in white, which will match any décor. These are good for weddings or outdoor parties where the scent isn't of the up most importance. If you still want quality, scented candles you can save money by buying in volume. Purchasing bulk votive candles will save you some money but you may have to buy in large quantities. Chances are you'll also have an entire box full of the same scent but if you can find a favorite fragrance you'll be stocked up on that particular one for a while.



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