How To Recognize Quality Candle Tarts

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What kind of candle tarts are the best and how do you tell a good candle tart from a bad one before buying?

How To Recognize Quality Candle Tarts

It can be difficult to know quality candle tarts when you see them. Here are a few tips to help you spot the goodies from the baddies. How do they feel? Candle tarts with a lot of fragrance oil in them should have a slightly greasy feel to them. The more fragrance oil in your tarts the stronger they will smell when melting. Feeling them is one thing, but recognizing quality just by looks is another matter. Candle tarts can be made from paraffin wax or soy wax; either is fine. Pure soy wax candle tarts should have a creamy appearance to them, but may have a frosted appearance if it is a blend of soy and palm wax. Blending is not a bad thing but if you're a purist you may want to make sure your soy candle tarts is 100 percent soy. Paraffin waxes usually smooth and opaque but can have a mottled appearance, depending on the type of wax. Again, either is fine and one doesn't suggest better quality over the other. The truest way to tell quality is to melt them. It is often said that soy wax products last longer due to their lower melting points. Pay attention to how long your paraffin and soy tarts last to see which one is the better value.



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