Choosing A Decorative Candle Tart Mold

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I'm planning on making my own candle tarts. What types of neat molds are out there?

Choosing A Decorative Candle Tart Mold

When making candle tarts there are a wide range of candle tart molds to choose from. Some are very basic cube shapes but for those who like to do things with flair there are many more decorative options to choose from. Round molds with scalloped edges make the candle tarts look like little flowers when finished and are very easy to find. Delicate mini heart or leaf molds are available. The heart ones are perfect to scent with cinnamon for cinnamon heart tarts or a soft, romantic scent for Valentine's Day or a romantic evening. A small, round candle tart mold would be perfect for making chocolate truffle tarts. Use chocolate truffle fragrance oil and color the tarts a dark brown to make them look like truffles. Then place them in a small box and either keep them all to yourself or give as a gift. Just remember to let them know those little treats are for melting, not eating.



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