Scenting A Room With Candle Tarts

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Is there some other type of wax product like a candle but doesn't need a flame?

Scenting A Room With Candle Tarts

For those who don't want to burn candles, using candle tarts with a tart warmer is a great alternative. Candle tarts come in various shapes and sizes and will melt down almost completely when heat from the warmer is applied. For a large room or if you like to keep once scent burning for a longer period of time try purchasing the larger candle tarts. These will take longer to melt and will produce a stronger scent. If you like to change your scents often or if you only like a light fragrance in the air smaller candle tarts are best. This way you can place one or two mini tarts in the burner and either change them regularly with a different scent or quite burning altogether in an hour or so.



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