Choosing A Candle Making Supply Store

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How do I choose a candle making supply store?

Choosing A Candle Making Supply Store

So you've decided to make your own candles. Before you melt any wax or decide on scent you'll need to pick your candle making supply store.
If at all possible, try to shop around before purchasing from a supply store to ensure you get the best prices on your supplies. If you plan on shopping locally there may only be one or perhaps two stores to choose from but you will save shipping costs. Just be sure to do a quick check online to make sure that any shipping costs you're saving isn't being eaten up by higher prices.
If you plan to purchase from a candle making supply store on the Internet you'll have many to choose from. Try joining a candle making group before hand and get recommendations on suppliers from other candle makers. When you choose a candle making supply store look to see if they have a beginner's kit available. These kits usually cost less than buying all the items you'll need separately and will ensure you don't forget to purchase anything that you'll need for your first batch of candles. Also, be sure to take advantage of any extras that they offer such as a newsletter to keep informed on new products and sales and any instructions that may be posted on the website to help you avoid pitfalls or troubleshoot a bad batch of candles. Whether you purchase from a local store or off the Internet, be sure to find a message board that caters to candle makers. Here you will find lots of useful information and be able to seek help and advice instantly.



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