Make Your Home Inviting With A Scented Candle

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Can candles really help set a mood?

Make Your Home Inviting With A Scented Candle

The right scent can set the mood for your guests when they enter your home. If you want to create an inviting and warm environment try using a scented candle to put that welcoming feeling in the air.
To create a warm and “homey” feeling try using scents that remind you of fresh baked goodies. Ones to try are Apple Pie, Butter Cream, or Vanilla. Want an uplifting mood in your home? Try fresh scents such as Mint, Lemon or Lemonade, or Mango. If you're looking for a relaxing evening scents such as Lavender or Green Tea are calming and will put you and your guests into a mellow mood.

When you are selling your home burning a scented candle just before a viewing can make a big impact on potential buyers. It will create a warm and comforting feeling that may make people feel more at home in your house and cover up any faint but unpleasant odors from pets or smoking.



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