Finding Your Favorite Scent With Sampler Candles

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How can I tell if I'm going to like a scent before I buy a big candle?

Finding Your Favorite Scent With Sampler Candles

With literally hundreds of different scents of candles out there it can be difficult to choose a favorite scent. Sampler candles, miniature versions of larger pillar or jar candles, are a perfect way to test out a fragrance before committing to a larger candle.

Votive sampler candles usually come in one to two ounce sizes and burn approximately 15 hours each. These mini candles come in the same scents as larger candles but allow you to test out a fragrance to ensure you like the scent before ordering a larger candle. Often sampler candles will come in a variety pack that allows you to test out multiple fragrances before placing a larger order. This is a great way to find out the quality of a company's candles and if their scents are strong enough for your liking.

Jar sampler candles are also available from some companies and are usually three to five ounces in size. Because jar candles can throw their scent a little differently it's sometimes a good idea to order one or two sampler jars to see the candles burn time and how evenly they melt.



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