Getting Personal With Candles

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Are there any personal candle gifts I can give?

Getting Personal With Candles

When giving a gift we should always strive to make it as personalized as possible. This shows you really put thought into your gift giving decisions and is more likely to be enjoyed by the recipient. Candles are no exception to this rule, so here's a guide on personalized candle gift ideas. Look for candles shaped to represent things your recipient likes. Have a friend that likes to bake? Try giving them a candle in the shape of a pie or banana nut loaf. For the person who loves coffee, give them an espresso scented candle in an espresso cup. Gift ideas for golfers are candles shaped as golf balls or a golf inspired candle holder. If you know your recipient well enough to know their favorite scent and favorite color another gift idea is purchasing candles from companies that take custom orders. This type of store will be found on the Internet and will allow you to combine any color/scent combination they have. This way your recipient gets the scent they love and perhaps a candle to match their home décor as well.



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