Say It With Candle Gifts

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Is there any alternatives to buying flowers that smell good?

Say It With Candle Gifts

Flowers are the popular choice for so many occasions but, as we all know, their life span is very limited. Instead of flowers, give the other scented gift—candle gifts. For a friend that's under the weather try giving candle gifts scented with citrus, mint or pine. These fragrances are uplifting and help elevate a person's mood. Perfect for someone who needs a pick me up. If your friend or family member is in the hospital, when candles can't be burned, try buying some candle tarts and arranging them in a small, decorative basket. The unlit tarts will give off enough scent to be enjoyed without wilting. Add an electric tart warmer to the gift and they can enjoy their scented tarts even more once they get home. Want to give more elegant candle gifts? Try a boxed candle gift set that comes complete with an assortment of candles and a candle holder. There are many themed sets to choose from. Try a garden inspired set with floral scented candles for the gardener or flower lover or a Feng Shui set, complete with lucky coins.



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