Look For Variety In Your Electric Fragrancer

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I love the idea of a plug in fragrancer but I get sick of the same scent all the time. Are there any fragrancers that have more than one scent?

Look For Variety In Your Electric Fragrancer

They say variety is the spice of life and this is also true in the case of an electric fragrancer. While most only offer one scent, you'll see why having more than one scent will more than double your enjoyment. Have you ever lit a candle or worn perfume and enjoyed its scent, only to find an hour or so later you can't smell a thing? This is due to something called olfactory fatigue, which occurs when your nose is so used to smelling a certain scent it literally ignores it. A great way to avoid this in your electric fragrancer is to buy one that offers more than one scent. With two scents alternating back and forth your nose will pick up the new scent and enjoy it and then the fragrancer will switch back before your olfactory senses begin to ignore the other scent. For an electric fragrancer that goes above and beyond, try one that allows you to blend the scents to create new ones. With some electric fragrancers you can blend scents to create up to four unique fragrances. Remember, the more variety you can offer your nose, the less likely your olfactory sense will be to tune it out. This means you'll be getting more enjoyment from your electric fragrancer because you can only enjoy a scent that you can smell.



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