Custom Candles: When The Usual Won't Do

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Can you have candles custom made for you?

Custom Candles: When The Usual Won't Do

There are times when your garden variety candle just won't do. For such occasions there are companies that will create "custom candles to fit just about any specifications. Do you have an odd sized candle holder or just need an odd sized candle? There are companies that will create candles from your specifications and give you the custom candles you need in the size you want. This is perfect for antique candle holders, which it may be difficult to find appropriately sized candles for, or hand made candle holders that might not be conventional size. If you want to match your candles to a certain décor but don't like the scent choices that go with that color don't fret. There are smaller candle companies out there that will make custom candles in which you choose any scent and color combination they have available. This means you could need a blue candle for your décor but have it scented with apple or pumpkin if you choose. It may take longer to receive your candles because they won't be pre-made but it'll be worth the wait to get exactly what you want.



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