Candle Holders: Size and Type Does Matter

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Does it matter what size of candle holder you use for votives?

Candle Holders: Size and Type Does Matter

Some may think that any container will work for any type of candle but this isn't true. Making sure your candle holders are designed properly and fit your candles is important for longer burning times and candle safety. When choosing candle holders it's best to pick ones that are made specifically for this purpose. Make sure your candle holders are sturdy and will not tip over. Also, be sure the candle holders are large enough to contain any and all melting wax from the candles. Remember, votive candles liquefy completely so simply placing the candles on a flat surface will result in hot wax running everywhere. To make sure your candles last as long as possible, make sure the candle holder is a snug fit. Votives should be burned in candles holders that are only slightly bigger than the candle. If the candle holder is too large the votive will spread out in a “pancake” effect when melting and most of you candle will be wasted.



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