Save Money With Potpourri Burners

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What's more cost effective-- burning candles or using potpourri?

Save Money With Potpourri Burners

For people who like to get their money's worth from their scented wax products, try using potpourri burners to fragrance your home instead of traditional candles. If you follow candle safety you should never be burning your candles right down to the bottom. A two inch safety margin of wax should be left for pillar candles and a ½ for jar candles. If you're worried about excessive wax or open flames in your house, try switching to an electric potpourri burner to fragrance your home. Potpourri burners plug into the wall and use either a 25 watt or 40 watt bulb in the base of the unit to heat the top portion, in which you'll place a wax tart or wax potpourri. If you like a light fragrance that lasts for hours try using potpourri burners that have the 25 watt bulb. A 40 watt bulb will release more fragrance but will use up your wax or potpourri quicker. Long gone are the days when potpourri meant dried flowers and spices that required water to keep scented. Now a cleaner, wax version is what most people use. These tiny, chucks of wax can come in plain squares or decorative shapes and are placed in the top of the potpourri burners. The wax should melt almost away to nothing and any residue left over can be removed by placing the melting try in the freezer until the wax becomes hard and then pop the wax out and wipe clean.



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