Tart Burners: Enjoying Scent Without The Flame

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Is there an alternative to burning candles?

Tart Burners: Enjoying Scent Without The Flame

For some people burning a candle with an open flame isn't an option. If you still want to enjoy fragrance in the air try using a tart burners instead. Electric tart burners use no flame and is a safe alternative for dorm rooms, offices or any place where an open flame may be dangerous. Using small, wickless candles called tarts, you simply place the tart in the top portion of the tart burner and plug it into the wall. The tart burners will heat up and slowly melt the tart, releasing their scent into the air. Tart burners are also great for using left over wax from melted down pillar candles. You should always cease burning a pillar candle when it has melted down to its last two inches of wax. To avoid wasting this wax, removing any wicks and wick tabs, cut up the piece of wax into smaller pieces, and use in tart burners.



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