Using The Right Candle Tools: The Wick Restoring Tool

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Is there a way to fix your candles if the wick gets buried?

Using The Right Candle Tools: The Wick Restoring Tool

Anyone who's had their candle wick buried in the hardened wax knows how frustrating it can be to try and dig it back out. Using the proper candle tools means you can save the wick and won't have to throw out that candle. Using a wick restoring tool, you can gently scoop out the wax surrounding the buried wick. Do this carefully; making a smooth and uniform space for the wax to pool into once the candle is lit. This tool can also be used to gently scoop out matches or other foreign debris that can get stuck in candles. These type of candle tools will lengthen your candle's life span and ensure it burns properly from start to finish.



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