The Correct Candle Tools For the Job: Snuff—Don't Blow

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Is it ok to blow out your candles?

The Correct Candle Tools For the Job: Snuff—Don't Blow

When it comes time to extinguish your candle many people tend to blow out their flames. This is not the best practice as it can spray hot, liquefied wax that may cause burns and it can put your wicks off-center. Off-center wicks can be a serious safety hazard. In pillar candles an off-center wick can cause one side of the candle to melt all the way over the edge of the candle, spilling hot wax onto furniture or anything else nearby. Glass jar candles with off-centered wicks can cause one side of the glass to overheat and crack or shatter. The safest and easiest way to extinguish a candle is to use candle tools called snuffers. Candle snuffers look like small bells on the end of a long, thin handle. The “bell” portion swivels and can either be placed straight down into a deep candle holder or bent at a 90 degree angle for snuffing pillar candles. To snuff a candle flame properly, gently place the “bell” portion of the snuffer completely over the flame and just to the surface of the melted wax. Hold the snuffer there for a few seconds to give the flame a chance to burn the last of its oxygen and die out. Then gently lift the snuffer, being careful not to push the wick off-center.



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