Inexpensive Candle Favors You Can Make

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We're on a tight budget for our wedding. Do you have any craft ideas for making our own wedding favors?

Inexpensive Candle Favors You Can Make

Keeping costs down on your wedding can be tricky. Making your own candle favors is an easy way to cut costs and get favors that are just what you want. You can use either white tea light candles for your candle favors or use candles in the colors of your wedding. Find small glass tea light candle holders and place the tea light into the glass holder. Now cover the holder with a piece of white tulle and secure the tulle around the candle favor (make sure to remove the tea light candle from its metal tin). Make a fancy wedding tag with your names and date on it and attach this tag to the candle favors. You can also make your own type of unity beeswax candles for a different type of candle favors. Make two beeswax candles in the colors of your wedding and have them connected with one long wick. Tie these two candles together with a fancy ribbon and a thank-you tag and place these at each guest's seat.



3/23/2007 10:03:06 PM
Joyce Jallo said:

Candles are like poison to me, therefore I would NEVER give one to anyone, as a gift.


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