Candle Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us with ideas for wedding favors for our upcoming summer wedding?

We want to make our own wedding favors and incorporate votives into them. Any ideas?

We're on a tight budget for our wedding. Do you have any craft ideas for making our own wedding favors?

I love candles and want to give them away as favors at my wedding but I hate boring candles. Are there any unique wedding candles I can use for favors out there?

We're having an outdoor summer wedding and wanted to know if there are any summer themed wedding candles available?

My fiance and I are having a Chinese themed wedding. What are our options as far as Chinese type candles for the wedding favors?

My fiance and I are having our wedding this fall since it's our favorite time of year. We'd like the wedding favors to be fall inspired as well...any ideas?

I want candle centerpieces at my wedding tables but I also want them to be colorful. Is there a way to do this that's not expensive or really hard to create?

What is a unity candle and what types are out there?

I'm a crafty person and want to make my own wedding centerpieces. Do you have any ideas besides just a boring candle and floral ring?

Do I always have to trim the wicks on my candles before I burn them?

Is it ok to blow out your candles?

Is there a way to fix your candles if the wick gets buried?

What are some safety tips for burning candles?

Is there an alternative to burning candles?

What's more cost effective-- burning candles or using potpourri?

Is there something crafty you can do with votives?

Does it matter what size of candle holder you use for votives?

What are some types of decorative candle holders out there?

What kinds of fancy wedding candle accessories are available?

Waht are some unusual candle centerpieces you can use for weddings?

What are carved candles?

Can you have candles custom made for you?

Can candles be personalized with pictures?

Is there a way to decorate your own candles?

We're having a poker night. Are there any poker themed candles out there?

I have a teenaged niece to buy for. She likes candles--are there any candles out there that are suited for girls her age?

Any suggestions on decorating candles with the kids?

I love candles with photos on them. Can you do this yourself?

I'd like to buy my boyfriend a candle. Are there any candles for men available?

I love candles but can't burn them in my office. Are there any options to get my scent fix?

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep. Is there any way scent can help me and what product can I use?

I love the idea of a plug in fragrancer but I get sick of the same scent all the time. Are there any fragrancers that have more than one scent?

Is it safe to use an electric fragrancer around my pets?

I love scented candles but sometimes burning them bothers my breathing. Is there an option to candles where I can still enjoy my favorite scents?

I have tons of jar candles but just found out I can't burn them in my dorm room when I go to college. Do I have to throw them all out or can I do something with them?

I'm thinking of buying a candle warmer. Are they all the same?

I'd love to have an electric simmer pot in my cubical at work but there just isn't room. Is there anything smaller on the market?

Are there any inconspicuous electric fragrancers I can use for my office?

I want to buy my friend an electric simmer pot. Are there enough varieties out there to match her decorating style?

Is there any alternatives to buying flowers that smell good?

Are there any personal candle gifts I can give?

I keep hearing about Housewarmer jar candles. What are they?

Is there anything I can do with my empty candle jars?

Can you use candles as party favors?

What can I give my friend that really loves candles?

What are some types of candle gift sets?

What are some good gifts besides food gift baskets?

What are some unique candle gifts?

I want to buy a personized candle gift. What's available?

How can I tell if I'm going to like a scent before I buy a big candle?

What's a great gift for candle lovers with different scents?

Can candles really help set a mood?

How can I find out about new Yankee Candles?

Are all types of wax candles the same?

I keep hearing about soy candles. What's different about them?

How can I use floating candles to decorate?

What are some unique weddinf favor ideas?

How do I choose a candle making supply store?

How can I tell if my candle is good quality?

Is there some other type of wax product like a candle but doesn't need a flame?

Are there any other uses for candle tarts besides melting them?

Are there any crafts that I can make using candle tarts?

I got a great deal on a bunch of candle tarts but I don't want to use them all in melters. Is there another use for them to scent a room?

I love blending my own scents. Is there a way to do this with candle tarts?

I want to make my own candle tarts. What can I use as a candle tart mold?

I'm planning on making my own candle tarts. What types of neat molds are out there?

I love scented tarts but I'm getting tired of the same old shapes. Are there different shapes besides round or square candle tarts?

What kind of candle tarts are the best and how do you tell a good candle tart from a bad one before buying?

What scents should I use for my candle tarts to set a relaxing or romantic mood?

Is there a right and wrong way to burn votive candles?

My home is decorated in a shabby/country theme. Are there candles that will fit in with this decor?

Do you have any tips on buying votive candles in bulk?

My room mate has scent allergies so she can't be around scented candles. I still like the look of candles. Are there any candles out there that won't bother her?

I need to buy a lot of candle holders for an event. Is there a way to buy them wholesale and save money?

I have a contemporary decor. What types of candle holders will work best?

What kinds of votive holders are out there that aren't the same old round ones?

I'm having a patio party and want to put out candles. Is there any way to spruce up my boring old votive holders?

My friend has an Oriental themed decor. What types of candl holders could I buy her that would fit in?

My sister collects things with dragonflies on them. Are there any candle accessories with dragonflies?

What are some different ways to find candles on sale?

Are discount candles really worth the money you save?

What are some other ways of getting discounted candles besides sales?

Where's the best place to look to find discount candles?

If some store offers discounted candles are they always cheaper?

Can just anyone get candles at wholesale prices?

I love candles and saving money. How can I get candles on sale?

I want to buy discount candles but are they all just plain candles or are some decorative?

What's a unique thank you gift for someone who likes candles?

We're having unity candles at our wedding. Is there a way to get them cheaper?

Can I use candles and air fresheners to get pet odors out of my home?

How do I know which home fragrance product to use and when?

Is there a home fragrancer thatís meant for kids?

What types of unique home fragrance products are available?

Can I get the yummy smell of baking without having to bake?

What are popular Clair Burke home fragrance products?

Is there a way to fragrance a room without candles or using anything that needs to be plugged in?

I’m not allowed candles in my dorm room. Are there any air freshener products I can use besides sprays?

I want to keep mosquitoes away but hate the smell of citronella. Is there a good smelling candle that will help?

I like the Idea of Potpourri but hate the mess of potpourri burners and don’t like how it looks in a bowl. Are there any other products that do the same thing?

I blew my candle out the other day on my brand new wood coffee table. I now have dried wax everywhere. Could you please tell me how to get it out?

What are the benefits of soy candles?

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