Safety Tips For Burning A Jar Candle

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What are some safety tips for burning candles?

Safety Tips For Burning A Jar Candle

We all enjoy the sweet scents of a jar candle. Yet, we must remember that if certain safety rules aren't followed that beautiful candle can become a dangerous thing. Approximately 18,000 candle fires are reported each year. Many of these fires, according to fire experts, could have been avoided if proper care and handling of burning candles had been practiced. For example, always be sure that your jar candle is placed on a safe, level and heat resistant surface while being burned. Also, keep all candles away from drafts and any flammable materials such as furniture or curtains. Be aware that a stiff breeze through an open window can blow long curtains over to an open flame so keep windows closed or the candle far enough away. Never burn a candle all the way down to the bottom. Instead, leave approximately a ½ of unburned wax in the bottom of your jar candle. If you hate wasting good candle wax you can gently pry the wax from the bottom and use it in a tart warmer. Never pry wax from the sides of a glass jar if you plan on continuing to burn a candle in it. Sharp instruments can scratch and weaken the glass, causing it to shatter upon subsequent use.



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